There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when designing a logo you want embroidered.
Embroidery is not the same as printing. What looks good on a business card may not work for embroidery. DO NOT expect detail any finer than you can draw with a fine felt-tip pen (approx 0.4mm)



Not all fonts are suitable for embroidery. Small lettering; the minimum size we can embroider is 5mm in a block font. Most other lettering is best between 8 - 10mm. Due to difficulties in reproducing small lettering with thread we suggest the following for best results,

Lettering to be sewn on pique (Lacoste Style Polo) or Polar Fleece garments should be 1mm larger than suggested minimums.

Figure 1

Due to variables such as tension, fabric type, needle size, backing etc results of lettering not meeting the above requirements are not guaranteed.

We receive many requests with lettering that is too small to sew well. We can digitise any size lettering; including lettering that is too small for anyone to sew clearly. We suggest you enlarge or reduce your artwork to the size you want it to be reproduced and compare it to the suggestions and illustrations above. If you discover a troublesome area, ask yourself, Can the entire design be enlarged? Can the small lettering be enlarged, edited or eliminated, or some combination thereof?

Please remember that we do this every day, so our suggestions come from experience. Generally our customers are very happy with our version of their designs. We know how to emulate the intended shape with thread so the final sewn image will give the same impression as the printed logo, even if it is significantly simplified.

Thread Colours on a colour sample card may look significantly lighter when they're sewn out, because of the sheen of the thread. A thread colour card has threads lying flat next to each other. A design sewn on fabric has stitches that pull down into the fabric, and take the shape of the garment. There are many more highlights on the sewn design, making it seem lighter.

If you require any further information or assistance please contact us.